Action Games

  • Space War

    Space War

    Shoot down the hordes of enemy planes attacking your planet. Don't allow any of the planes to hit your planet.

  • Folds and Burns

    Folds and Burns

    You are the captain of the ship OrgaMini. Your task is to save the planet GOC from destruction by meteorites.

  • Arena5


    A space shooting game. Shoot down the enemy ships. Collect bonuses and power ups to increase the firing power of your ship.

  • Bionic Battle Browser Bots

    Bionic Battle Browser Bots

    A death match arena type of game. You are a bot in the year 2052. You have been put into the arena to fight against the other bots for the pleasure of the humans.

  • Wizard Wars

    Wizard Wars

    The evil wizard Zoltar is after your magic stars. Collect 50 stars and other bonuses, but avoid Zoltar and his helpers.

  • Ganja Farmer

    Ganja Farmer

    You have grown a crop of Ganja and now the paramilitary forces are coming to burn down your crop. Defend your crops of Ganja from the attacking forces.

  • Undazzle


    You live on a dismal planet. But it is now getting covered by cheerfulness. Protect your planet by shooting rockets at the cheerfulness.

  • KnifeTank(s)


    The blocks are sad because the KnifeTanks are attacking them. Use your tank to shoot down the KnifeTanks before they get you. Also, shoot the sad blocks to make them happy.

  • The Grid

    The Grid

    A Tron type of side scrolling game. Jump over pits and jump over or shoot the other motorcyclists. How long can you last in this grid?

  • Crajsh


    Move your snake around the screen without banging into anything. Try to last the longest. Can play with up to four human players.

  • Lulz, I arz owesumz

    Lulz, I arz owesumz

    A simple shooting game. Shoot as many circles as you can. How many circles can you shoot before you get caught?

  • Runfield


    Reinfield the fox is running through the fields. Help the fox run safely through by jumping over all the ditches.

  • Neon Fighter

    Neon Fighter

    A flying shooting game. Shoot at everything that moves. Items in white circles contain bonuses. Click on them to collect the bonuses.

  • Mutant Zombie Monsters

    Mutant Zombie Monsters

    Having died many years ago, you suddenly find yourself undead as a skeleton. Toxic waste from an industry has caused the dead to awaken as monsters. Stop the undead from attacking your city.

  • Flatwar


    Use your machine gun or lasers to shoot down the polygons in this fast-paced action game. Don't let the polygons get you and don't go out of the circle.

  • Contrasaurus


    Eat the smaller dinosaurs to maintain your health. Dodge the burning meteorites -- they will reduce your health if they hit you.