Action Games

  • PaperTank


    A Battle City clone. Enemy tanks are arriving by the dozen and demolishing your city. Protect your base by destroying the enemy tanks before they destroy the entire city.

  • RGB Invaders

    RGB Invaders

    A space invaders clone. Shoot the alien ships coming from the top of the screen. To complete the level shoot all the alien ships before losing all your lives.

  • Galactic Inbox

    Galactic Inbox

    Help your mail blast its way to freedom. How far can you make your mail go? Blast the obstacles, don't bang into them!

  • Javalanche


    Avoid the spikes falling from the top of the screen for as long as you can. How long can you last?

  • Manic Spaceman

    Manic Spaceman

    Your spaceship has crashed on an alien planet. Complete each level by avoiding the aliens and collecting the parts of your spaceship before your time runs out.

  • Superluminal: Warp Two

    Superluminal: Warp Two

    The next in the Superluminal series. The aliens are coming to attack earth ETA 3 minutes. Protect earth from the aliens by shooting down all the alien warships.

  • Superluminal


    Shoot down all the enemy ships in this vertical scrolling space shooting action game. Try not to crash into the enemy ships and don't get shot down.

  • Defender


    The aliens are coming to kidnap the humans. Defend your city from the aliens and save the humans in this retro action game.

  • Z-War


    Fight against the zombies and kill them all. You can play on various readymade maps or you can even create your own maps.

  • Apophis 2029

    Apophis 2029

    Friday, April 13, 2029. Doomsday is here. Asteroids are crashing down on Earth. Save the planet by blasting the asteroids before they fall on your buildings.

  • Bert's Breakdown

    Bert's Breakdown

    A side scrolling platform game. Complete each level by collecting the coins and finding the exit. Watch out for the creatures!

  • Galactic Plunder

    Galactic Plunder

    Take advantage of the confusion created by the inter-galactic civil war to raid the planets and collect treasures from them. But first you'll have to fight the enemy ships guarding the planets. Nice graphics and S/FX.

  • Open Odyssey

    Open Odyssey

    Help Odyssey return to his home. Dodge the Roman soldiers or shoot at them, but donít let them touch you.

  • Argon


    The aim of the game is to blow up the squares and collect the disks. Use the arrow keys to move and Z or X to fire.

  • Last Man Standing

    Last Man Standing

    Throw grenades at the zombies or shoot them with an Uzi, a shotgun or a pistol. Kill all the zombies before they get you!

  • Castle Adventure

    Castle Adventure

    A Pac-man variation. Collect all the gold rings. Throw magic fire at the ghosts. Finally, escape through the doors that appear after you collect all the rings.