Action Games

  • Dark Age

    Dark Age

    You are a knight on a mission. Explore the castle and find treasures. Kill all the monsters and try to reach the exit before the monsters kill you.

  • Destroy Circles!

    Destroy Circles!

    Equip your spaceship and blast the enemy spaceships. Collect gold to upgrade your spaceship. Will you be able to last till level 6 in this vertical scrolling action game?

  • NetTank


    A multi player network tank shooting game. Destroy the other player's tanks by shooting at them. Pick up bonuses to increase your power and your lives.

  • Ninja Leap

    Ninja Leap

    Assassins are attacking the poor villagers. You are a ninja warrior and your job is to protect the villagers from the assassins.

  • Missile Fleet

    Missile Fleet

    Complete each level by destroying the blue fleet. Find the proper strategy to destroy the blue fleet. 12 levels of game play.

  • Frantic


    Destroy all the enemy spaceships in this space shooting action game. Destroy everything that moves. Collect power ups to increase your score.

  • Onslaught! Arena

    Onslaught! Arena

    How long can you last against the hordes of monsters in the arena? Kill waves of medieval monsters. Collect bonuses and gold to increase your score.

  • Wpilot


    Shoot down your opponents and avoid getting shot down in this multi player online space shooting game. Collect powerups to improve your fire power. The first player to reach the target score wins the round.

  • Coverfire


    A fast-paced action game. Defend your city from waves of invading insects. Stay alive for as long as you can. Collect diamonds for bonus points.

  • JS Wars

    JS Wars

    Search for the evil Dr. Skull in this side scrolling action game and kill him when you find him. Collect bonuses and destroy the mines and other dangers.

  • Crystal Galaxy

    Crystal Galaxy

    Blast everything that moves in the side scrolling space shooting game. Blow up your enemies before they shoot you down. Two game modes. Good graphics.

  • Fred Jones in Adventureland

    Fred Jones in Adventureland

    Help Fred Jones with his adventures in Adventureland in this side scrolling platform game. Collect coins and flatten your enemies to death by jumping on them.

  • HyperGunner


    Destroy waves of aliens and enemy spaceships. Collect stars and other bonuses. Watch out for the mines in this space scrolling action game.

  • Asteroids


    Use your spaceship to destroy the UFOs and asteroids. Collect power ups to enhance your spacecship. Two graphics options. Add enemy ships and asteroids to make the game more difficult.

  • Spy Chase

    Spy Chase

    How soon can you catch the enemy spy car? Destroy other cars, and collect health kits and other bonuses to increase your score. Avoid oil spills.

  • Fight!


    Platform action two player side scrolling game. Fight against your opponent. Hit him with punches and push him into the pit, but make sure you don't fall into the pit.