Action Games

  • Louloudia: The Red Mosquitoes

    Louloudia: The Red Mosquitoes

    Help the bee collect nectar from the flowers. But, watch out for the red mosquitoes. If they bite you, the game is over!

  • Sandpit


    Drive the cement truck around the sand pit and stop the sand creatures from digging out by covering all the sand with cement. Collect bonuses to increase your points.

  • UFO


    Shoot down enemy tanks with your UFO. Avoid the power barrier or your UFO will lose all power and crash to the ground! Dodge the missiles shot by the tanks.

  • 3bored


    Fly in the air and destroy enemy tanks, planes and satellites by crashing into them. Catch health capsules to increase your health. Enemy artillery increases at higher levels.

  • Biolab Disaster

    Biolab Disaster

    There's been a disaster in the bio-lab. Your only hope of survival is to kill the monsters and collect all the test tubes.