Misc Games

  • Throwing Stars

    Throwing Stars

    Collect coins by throwing stars at them. Complete each level by collecting the required number of coins. Look out for black holes and other obstacles!

  • Guess What Cup!

    Guess What Cup!

    There's a scorpion under one of the three cups. Can you find out which cup has the scorpion in it? It's easy if you observe carefully.

  • Dots


    A physics game. Use the mouse to make the green dots push other green dots towards the big blue circle.

  • Letter Slinger

    Letter Slinger

    A typing game. Type the letters that appear on the screen to get lives. You lose a life for every wrong key that you press.

  • Janpu


    Janpu is Japanese for 'jump'. The aim of this game is to keep jumping to higher levels of the building. How far can you go?

  • Getthehole


    You are stuck in a moving corridor and heading straight for a wall! But, what's this? There's a hole in the wall! Escape by twisting your body to match shape of the hole.

  • Zlizer


    A math learning game. Add or divide the bubbles to reach the required number. Draw a circle around the numbers to add them. Draw line across the numbers to split them.

  • nCave


    Guide the snake through the cave. The snake should move through the cave without touching any of the obstacles or the walls of the cave.

  • Miss It!

    Miss It!

    Place balls on the screen in such a way that they miss the other balls when they move. If the balls touch each other they will explode!

  • Khromax


    Make circles of matching colors collide with each other. The game ends if circles of differing colors collide with each other.

  • Fight or Flight?

    Fight or Flight?

    Avoid the pink dots. Each time you touch a dot you lose a life. How long can you last without touching any dot?

  • Jitterbugs


    The show is about to start. But, what's this? The stage is full of bugs! You have 60 seconds to get rid of the bugs.

  • Still Alive JS

    Still Alive JS

    Collect all the pieces of cake and exit the level. Three different modes of gameplay: Classic, Enhanced and Ultimate. Also contains a level editor and online maps.

  • Lumberjack


    The objective of this game is to balance on the log for as long as you can without falling into the river.

  • Virion


    Replicate by shooting the virion at infectable cells. Infect as may cells as you possibly can. However, watch out for the body's immune system's cells!

  • Dot Dodge

    Dot Dodge

    Guide your dot (small black dot) around the screen and grab the black dots. Don't allow the other dots to catch you!