Misc Games

  • Star Dust

    Star Dust

    The aim of the game is to complete each level by clearing all the stars from the board. Later levels are enabled when you record achievements in earlier levels.

  • Vector Racer

    Vector Racer

    Move from one point on the grid to another and try to get to the finish in the least number of moves.

  • Venture Crapital

    Venture Crapital

    You’re a venture capitalist. Can you make money by throwing money at small firms and making them grow, but selling out before the bubble pops?

  • Browsmos


    Increase the size of the light blue bubble by banging into bubbles that are smaller than it. Avoid bubbles that are larger. Become the largest bubble on the screen.

  • Grave Danger

    Grave Danger

    Create chains of same colored heads and drop them on the island of the same color as the chains. The larger the chain the more time you get.

  • Music Can Be Fun

    Music Can Be Fun

    The aim of the game is to collect the blue balls and avoid the red balls. Collect combos to get more points.

  • StarPutt


    Have you ever played golf with the stars? Now is your chance! Push the stars into the black holes in the least number of moves.

  • Airport Control

    Airport Control

    You are the Air Traffic Controller of this airport. Guide the planes to the proper runway without causing a crash.

  • Angry Birds

    Angry Birds

    The birds are angry because the pigs have stolen their eggs. Help these angry birds get back their eggs by shooting down all the pigs.

  • Lunar Rescue

    Lunar Rescue

    Can you land safely on the moon and save the stranded scientists? Watch your speed or else you will crash!

  • Rebound


    Click once on the screen to make the ball bounce against the walls. Make the ball hit all the points shown on the screen to complete the level.

  • Doodle God

    Doodle God

    Populate your world by creating new elements. Combine two or more elements to create new elements. To win, you have to create 115 elements in 14 groups.

  • Bunniez Extreme

    Bunniez Extreme

    Stop the rabbits from getting to the other side. Feed carrots to the rabbits or click on them to slow them down.

  • Coil


    Draw a line around the blue orbs before they explode. You get bonus points if you capture many orbs at one time.

  • Way Out Wars

    Way Out Wars

    Roast some space chickens by guessing the song. You have only 20 seconds to guess the song. The quicker you guess, the higher the score.

  • RGBlaster


    Prevent blocks from reaching the bottom by shooting at them. However, you can destroy a block only if you are the same color as the block.