Misc Games

  • .Atome


    A Chemistry game. From the atoms or molecules floating around in the screen, click on the required atom or molecule.

  • Monkey Fortress

    Monkey Fortress

    Protect the monkey from the falling coconuts by building a fortress of stones around it. But don't let the stones fall on the monkey!

  • Blinkwang


    A guessing game. A certain number of objects will flash on the screen. You have to use your intuition to guess the number of objects flashing on the screen.

  • Thrust 2010

    Thrust 2010

    A physics based game. Hold all the cargo (green circles) with your tractor beam and carry it back to the base. Try not to get shot by the sentinel.

  • JSVecX


    A basic old school game. Play many different games on a VecX Vectrex emulator. This one game contains more than 30 games!

  • Time Waster 01

    Time Waster 01

    Drag the mouse over the blue balls to throw them against the green balls. Throw all the green balls off the road. Can you last for all 20 levels?

  • HTML5 Helicopter

    HTML5 Helicopter

    Fly the helicopter from start to finish without crashing it in the side scrolling game. Do not crash into the walls and avoid all the obstacles.

  • Ball Pool

    Ball Pool

    A physics based game. Drag and throw the balls around to make them bounce. Click on the background to add more balls.

  • Snowglobe Five-O

    Snowglobe Five-O

    Design your own snow globe and send to your friends by email. Choose your own globe, background, objects and music. Select the amount of snow. Add a custom message.

  • Dot Food Collector

    Dot Food Collector

    Collect food items (big black dots). Guide your dot (black dot) around the screen and try to pick up more food than the computer (red dot).

  • Swarmation


    Multi-player pixel formation game. Use arrow keys to move your pixel and join the other players formations before you time runs out.

  • Sinuous


    Guide the snake around the screen without banging into the red dots. Get extra points and bonuses by banging into other dots. The more you move around the more points you get.

  • Thrust


    Rescue the human by making your spaceship land near him. Rotate your spaceship and use thrust to control it. Use your shield to protect yourself from enemy fire.

  • Catch it!

    Catch it!

    Move your mouse to move the red circle. Catch the red squares, but do not touch the gray circles. Play faster to earn more points.

  • Slither


    Help the snake go around the screen and eat the food. But watch out for the poison! As the snake eats, it keeps getting longer. How long can you make the snake?