Who is
Hello my name is, I provide free online HTML5 games! I will add all the latest and coolest HTML5 games I find! I'm also your resource for HTML5 related news and tutorials.

What is HTML5?
HTML5 is the fifth revision of the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) standard, it is basically a formatting language that programmers and developers use to create documents on the Web. HTML5 is currently still under development however, many developers and web companies had already made the switched. HTML5 adds many new enhanced features such as the Video, Audio and Canvas elements. With this new features, multimedia and graphical content (ie. games!) on the web will be easier to include and handle without having to install plugins like Flash, which often has security vulnerabilities.

Why do some games does not work/load?
HTML5 is still under development therefore different internet browsers will treat each games differently as they adopt to HTML5. If the game you're trying to play does not work, try playing it on a different browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. Also, most of the games are not hosted on our server, therefore if the game author server goes down the game page will not load, try waiting it out for a few hours or even a day and see if the game page will load once again.

Can I play the games on my mobile/cellphone?
Most of the games should work on your mobile phone. As mentioned, HTML5 is still under development therefore you might experienced compatibility issue with your mobile phone. Just try playing the game on your mobile phone and see if you will experienced any problem.

Can I download/play the games on my desktop/offline?
You can't download HTML5 games and you must play them online in order for them to work properly.

I can't beat or stuck with this particular game. Can you help?
Sorry, we can't help you out on this so please don't send us an email asking for help! The best way is to use a search engine like Google and use the keywords "game title" guide, walkthrough, tutorials etc.

Did created all the games listed on this website?
No, we did not create most of the games listed on this website. On each game page, we listed the author(s) name of the game. All games are copyright to their respective owners.

I created a game, can I submit and/or do you want to sponsor it?
Sure thing! You can submit here or you can contact us for sponsorship inquiry.

How do I create an HTML5 game?
Visit our HTML5 Tutorials page where you can start reading HTML5 tutorials for creating games and other HTML5 related articles. Additionally, you can just use a search engine like Google and search for "HTML5 game tutorials" "How to create HTML5 game" etc.

I'm the author of a game listed on this website and want it remove!
We respect everyones copyright, if there's any games that you created and want it removed from our listing please contact us with proof of ownership and we will take action ASAP.

My question is not listed above. What now?
Contact us with your question or any other inquiries and we will get back to you.