Action Games

  • Asteroids Inc.

    Asteroids Inc.

    Pilot your mining craft into space, shoot down the asteroids, collect resources and make huge profit!

  • Shoot X Shoot

    Shoot X Shoot

    Blast the enemies and their spaceships out of the sky! Shoot at anything that moves. The enemies too are shooting at you, so watch out!

  • Dragons


    Collect the gems that fall from the sky and throw flames at the humans trying to grab your treasure. Watch out for arrows and spears thrown at you by the humans!

  • Notepad Defence

    Notepad Defence

    The enemies are shooting missiles at your city. Protect your city from the incoming missiles. But shoot carefully as you have only a limited number of bombs at your disposal.

  • Captain Slobber

    Captain Slobber

    Shoot everything that moves in this side-scrolling action game. Complete each level by destroying the game boss at the end of each level.

  • X-Type


    Destroy the enemy warships before the enemy shoots you down. You have only three lives, so take care and avoid the enemy's bombs!

  • Red Shooting Hood

    Red Shooting Hood

    Help Red Shooting Hood reach her grandma's house safely by shooting down all the wolves who try to attack her.

  • Code Crackin Carl McCracken

    Code Crackin Carl McCracken

    There is a bug in the system. You have to locate the bug and send it to quarantine using Carl's vortexes.

  • p-shooter


    Shoot the UFOs and alien spaceships without getting shot. Collect bonuses and power-ups to increase the shooting power of your spaceship.

  • wArp


    Solve the puzzles and kill the enemies in this fast-paced action game. Go through each zone as quickly as possible. Avoid or kill enemies that try to slow you down.

  • Yirtok


    The aim of this retro shoot-em up action game is to shoot down the enemies while dodging the bullets they shoot at you.

  • Robot


    Kill the aliens before they eat your babies. Protect your babies from the aliens' shots by throwing yourself in front of the bullets.

  • Rawkets


    You have to shoot down all the other players before they shoot you down in this network multi-player space shooting game.

  • In Vivo

    In Vivo

    You are the next test subject for Dr. Hojo's experiment Y-7. You have to fight against the new genetically advanced super soldiers created by him.

  • Cherveerium


    Help your worms shoot down the enemy worms with various weapons. Play locally against a friend or against the computer, or you can play a network game against a friend or against a stranger.

  • Hellboy: Fist of Doom

    Hellboy: Fist of Doom

    Hurry Hellboy! Kill the monsters and pick up as many skulls as you possibly can before your time runs out in this action game.

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